Collision at the Caspian Sea

Peace is in me now; peace is in me.
It’s been howling in the woods,
far above the city,
for a dangerous number of years.
Waiting for the midnight-pacers to hear its call
from city lines
and seascape places.

I heard it,
in the thunder rolling hills-
a long time ago
smoke swept you in its haze.
I searched to find a piece of your spirit-
did it still remain?
Smoke stung me-
made me cry.
An image burnt in the glimmer of your eye?
No time for your lies here.
I will shut them out.
With cement walls, built tall and miles long-
cobblestone upon cobblestone
I cut the clay
cobblestone upon cobblestone
I spread the cold grey
piece upon piece
between university classes
piece upon piece
piece upon piece
between midnight dance classes
piece upon piece
Solidly grounded.
piece upon piece
between doctor appointments
piece upon piece
and long hazel-voiced calls
Each piece, a fortress for my pretty pink heart.

serene winds and sing-song tides
these walls and scars-
leaving my heart of havoc
a haven of forgiveness.

Peace is in me.
And also, in you.

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